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72 Hunters Lane, Kalimna
Victoria, 3909

Contact: Frank Milito
Phone: 0400 564 032

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East Gippsland Fishing Charters

East Gippsland Fishing Charters operate in the beautiful East Gippsland region which has superb Estuary fishing on most days of the year, along with teamed expert advice and the latest technology available on how to fish lures. You will become a pro lure fisher on one of our charters in no time!

This new technology is fast becoming the go to method for catching Dusky flathead, Black bream, Estuary perch & Silver Trevally which are some of the most popular sport fishing species that lure fishers target in this region.

We specialise in fishing the Estuaries of Gippsland lakes, Lake Tyres, Marlo, Mallacoota, Tamboon or Bemm river. With over 20 years experience in these areas you will be amazed at what you can catch and learn from one of our lure fishing adventures. We can save you lots of time & money by teaching you a wide range of knowledge on how to catch a range of species using soft plastic, hard body, surface lures & vibes.

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Tour Info

East Gippsland Fishing Charters offers you an exclusive choice of locations based on where you would like your adventure to lead. These choices include Gippsland lakes, Lake Tyres, Marlo, Mallacoota, Tamboon or Bemm river. Boat limit - 2 or 3 passengers.

Accomodation packages available for each destination. Bookings are essential - prices available upon enquiry. We supply fishing rods & lures, Cold drinking water & Sunscreen. You will need -Sunglasses, a rain coat/warm jacket, hat and food & drink that you will require. You will need a current Victorian recreational fishing licence. We support catch & release wherever possible. We also support taking a feed & we will clean your catch for you. Passenger age limit of 10yrs if not accompanied by a parent.

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The guide

Frank Milito is the expert at the helm when you decide to book your East Gippsland Lure Fishing Charters experience. With over 20000 hours in the commercial bait gathering industry and 15 years experience in catching black bream, Estuary perch and Dusky flathead on lures in this area you can be assured you’re in good hands. Frank has spent many long days and nights perfecting the techniques of using soft plastic and hard bodied lures and also fishes regularly with bream tournament anglers right across East Gippsland.

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The Boat

 We use the latest 4.8 Brumby poly craft propelled with a 2011- 4 stroke DF 80 Suzuki 3 star ultra low emission outboard which make this package quiet and environmentally friendly which helps to protect the water ways that we operate on. Not only is this package safe, comfortable, clean and green, it’s in full Marine Safety Victoria passenger survey which means it is totally set up with your safety in mind. We also use the latest Lowrance sonar structure imaging technology to give you the absolute best possible chance of a great days fishing.

For the most Amazing Lure Fishing that you will ever experience, there is no better time like the present to jump on board for an Adventure you will never forget!!

Call Frank Now to book the experience of a lifetime! 0400 564 032