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Fishing Charters Geraldton

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Fishing Charters Geraldton,

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Contact Person: Kim
Phone Number: 0428 531 231

Fishing Charters Geraldton

Offshore Fishing Charters Geraldton, offer you an experience that is Unique and also one that you will never forget! In fact you will be like most people, wanting to go out every second week…

Operating for over 30 years in the Cray Fishing Industry, with the Knowledge and expertise of being in the industry as well as the cray fishing game for so long... You won’t be disappointed!

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Running Fishing Charters in Geraldton for approximately 2-7 people, we have extensive set of skills and knowledge of the best spots throughout and particular time to catch.

This know how lets Offshore Fishing Charters Geraldton operate not only Deep Sea Fishing Charters, but also Seasonal Whale Watching Charters, Night Charters, Abrohlos Island Day, Coast Day Charters and Local Cray Fishing Tours.

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Bait, Tackle and refreshments are also supplied so enquire within!

Our Skipper “Kim” Operates a Safe and fully surveyed boat and equipment and has a real passion for running Fishing Charters in Geraldton whenever possible!

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Get on our Geraldton Fishing Charters today!  CALL: Kim on 0428 531 231