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Torres Strait     

Contact Person: Maria
Phone: (03) 9530 93252 or MOB: 0416 243 856

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Torres Strait is a maze of 122 islands and 15,000 square miles of sand and reef cays, stunning bombora systems, sand flats and gin-clear channels that make up the Torres Strait archipelago. Northern Bluefin tuna, dog-tooth tuna, Yellowfin tuna, marlin, coral trout, huge Spanish mackerel, red emperor, GTs and much more call the Straits home – and Northern Blue has exclusive access to fish most of it.

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Come join Northern Blue Charters aboard 'San Miguel', the ultimate live-aboard machine for exploring the wild frontiers of the Torres Strait and Cape York. The 62 footer accommodates twelve in airconditioned comfort, with outdoor dining table, DVD player and plasma screens and state of the art 3D underwater image equipment.

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Northern Blue offers a range of amazing fishing landscapes to explore in the Torres Strait. If fly-fishing or popper casting is your thing, an island hopping adventure will suit. Each Island will impress you with its own striking feature – a rock bar, massive sand flat, bombora system or deep drop off into a green channel. The waterways act as freeways for schools of giant trevally, sea turtles, manta rays and sharks. Sight fishing for trevally around this area is awesome – and not for the faint hearted. Your popper will be set upon by veracious trevally, out muscling each other for a quick feed, then diving deep to test angler’s strength and skill.

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Discover a mangrove covered rock-bar with an impressive maze of steep bomboras and channels at its doorstep. On the run
off tide, these reef systems become a veritable food court for huge GTs, coral trout and mangrove jack. Landing big fish requires sturdy elbows and even sturdier drag systems!

A popular form of boat fishing in the Strait is trolling the huge paddocks of green water - home to big balls of bait fish harassed by Spanish mackerel, tuna, sailfish and marlin. The Spaniards are particularly prolific – it’s not uncommon for all four rods to buckle over at once; ratchets clattering in harmony. The largest Northern Blue’s customers have landed is a 40kg monster, taking 30 minutes to land on 10kg gear after swallowing a skipping garfish.

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For the more audacious, Northern Blue travels to Ashmore reef and Eastern Fields – some wild country at the extreme north of the Great Barrier Reef featuring some rugged reef and huge pinnacles probing into the shallows. Operations Manager Bob Wallenburg has seen and caught big fish around the reefs, including marlin, yellow fin, dogtooth and some awesome popper munching activity from big GTs.

Northern Blue Staff


Bob Wallenburg is the Operations Manager of Northern Blue Charters. We can all thank Bob for the opportunity to fish the Straits – over 13 years he has forged a strong relationship with the local Islanders gaining access to many unchartered hot-spots. Bob likes nothing more than fly-fishing for Barra or casting poppers at big GTs. He doesn’t cook a bad painted crayfish either!


A serial boat owner and seasoned fishing tourist, Ari Akritidis is Bob’s partner in the running of Northern Blue Charters. When Ari isn’t ordering more tackle or bottles of red for a live-aboard, he’s probably on one end of 15kg jig stick fighting it out with a hefty Coral Trout.

                          OUR RATES

• Per day – up to 4 guests $3,500 including GST
• Per day each extra person (10 guests maximum) $400.00 inc GST(AUD)
• Includes: accommodation on board, all gourmet meals, including fresh seafood banquets, all tackle, expert guidance and tuition.
• All charters are ex Thursday Island

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• A deposit of 30% is payable within 7 days of confirmation of booking. Balance of payment is due 30 days prior to date of arrival. If booking is made within 30 days of arrival payment is due in full on booking. We recommend travel insurance and would be happy to assist you with this.
• Notice of cancellation must be received in writing by fax or email
• More than 45 days before arrival date – full refund
• 30 – 44 days before arrival date – deposit is non refundable
• 14 – 29 days before arrival date – 50% of total commitment in non refundable
• Less than 14 days notice – no refund is payable.

Contact Northern Blue Charters 
Office: (03) 9530 9525 Mobile: 0416 243 856
Fax: (03) 9530 4492
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it