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Located in the Kimberly Region of North West Western Australia, Broome offers some of the finest fishing locations in Australia. Whether you are looking to fish local rivers and estuaries for that elusive big Barramundi or venture out on the warm tropical waters to target sports and game species a Broome Fishing Charters is available all year round. Whilst enjoying an action packed day fishing the tropical waters of Broome you can expect to catch Coral Trout, Blue Bone, Mackerel, Red Emperor, Cobia, Sailfish, Blue Line Emperor and many more species. Local tour guides and operators are the key to successfully fishing these waters.

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Fishing Charters Broome

Kimberley Fishing Charters

Contact: Chaz or Carley
Phone: 0439 936 469

Fishing Charters Broome & Kimberley Coastal Regions

The Karma IV operates fishing charters Broome, including remote Kimberley regions and offshore hotspots like the Rowley Shoals. We cater for groups of 8-10; however we are able to combine small parties to make up numbers if required

Our Fishing Charters in Broome have a crew that have been fishing the region for over 15 years, ensuring you have experienced expert on-hand advice throughout your trip. Due to this experience and the extensive knowledge of the crew onboard Karma IV, we are the chosen operator for popular fishing programs such as ‘Fishing Australia’, who choose to work with us year after year.

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Rowley Shoals

Our Broome Fishing Charters also offer the game fishing paradise ‘Rowley Shoals’ lies 160 nautical miles West of Broome, which is an overnight steam onboard Karma IV. The Rowley Shoals consists of three coral atolls, each around 10 x 5 nautical miles and rising 400m from the ocean floor almost vertically. Fishing is permitted at two of these spectacular atolls, ‘Clerke’ and ‘Imperieuse’. While on our Fishing Charters in Broome we can target species such as; Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellow Fin, Dog Tooth Tuna, GTs, Coral Trout, Marlin, Broadbill and many more, using a variety of different fishing methods such as; open water trolling, jigging and popper fishing the reefs in our custom built jet boats.

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Extended Kimberley trips

The Karma’s extended fishing trips to remote Kimberley regions cater for people more focused on fishing rather than sightseeing. However, the unspoiled beautiful Kimberley region will ensure that you will still inevitably view all the spectacular scenery; such as waterfalls, rivers, rock art, swimming holes and gorges while guided through the best fishing experience possible.

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We offer a choice of 6 to12 day trips, incorporating offshore island and Barra fishing the rivers, fishing the best hot spots of the region. To ensure you experience the maximum time fishing, we do the majority of the cruising between locations throughout the night.

The Karma IV is a fantastic vessel to go fishing in the Kimberley waters. Being a Catamaran of 74’ and 33’ wide, she has huge amounts of space and is extremely stable. Our two 7m jet boat tenders have been custom built for one thing in mind … Fishing and getting there fast!

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For further info on one of our customisable charters or our Broome Fishing Charters please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Karma IV - Diverse Water Sports

Ph- 0439936469


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Fishing Charters Broome 
Game Fishing Charters

Broome, Western Australia

Contact: Jourdain Ellens (Jeda)
Phone: 0409 001 828 

Full Day Game Fishing Charters Broome

Makaira Game Fishing operates Fishing Charters in Broome, gateway to the spectacular Kimberly region, from May through to October.

Makaira Game Fishing is owned and operated by fishing enthusiasts who are committed to providing an all round experience when it comes to jumping aboard fishing charters in Broome to ensure customer satisfaction!  Whilst we specialise in Billfish, we are happy to customise your trip to suit your needs.  We fish some of the most spectacular destinations in Western Australia, which are rich in marine diversity. While fishing is foremost, we also believe a comfortable boat, friendly and knowledgeable crew and good food are all part of a great day on the water.  Everyone is welcome as we get just as much enjoyment from fishing with experienced anglers as we do guiding a novice through to landing their first Billfish.

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Broome Fishing Charters head one of Australia’s leading light tackle Game Fishing destinations, anglers are blessed with phenomenal numbers of Sailfish.  All fishing for these high-speed predators is done through switch baiting on 10kg tackle.  This gives us the advantage of multiple hook ups as well as a much higher hook up to landing ratio when compared to other methods.

Broome’s rich tropical waters are not only home to abundant Sailfish numbers, but are also frequented by Black Marlin, Spanish Mackerel, Longtail Tuna, Cobia, GT’s and Queenfish to name a few which make our Broome Fishing Charters so much more exciting.  As well as fish species, on a daily basis we also encounter migrating Hump Back Whales, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Sea Snakes and Bird life.

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Peak Sailfish months are June through to October.  Broome is a very tidal destination, with tides reaching 10 metres at times.  As a result, advanced bookings are essential as we only fish the neap tides to ensure better fishing for you on our Fishing Charters in Broome.

All coffee, morning tea, lunch, afternoon nibbles and drinks are catered for, all anglers need to bring are a hat, camera and sunglasses.  All fishing gear is supplied. Makaira Game Fishing only uses top of the range Shimano gear and tackle for their Broome Fishing Charters.

Exmouth Fishing Charters are also available from November through to April.  Please contact us for further information about how we can help customise a trip to suit your needs.

The Boat

‘Black Marlin’ is a well-appointed, fast and comfortable Black Watch 36, which was launched in 2002. Living up to the Black Watch name, ‘Black Marlin’ gives a smooth and comfortable ride in all seas.

Powered by twin 440hp Yanmar’s, ‘Black Marlin’ cruises at 22knots at ease and is capable of speeds up to 30knots. 

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‘Black Marlin’ is fitted with all the creature comforts to make your charter as comfortable as possible.

Fish the Kimberly coast in comfort and style!

THE SKIPPER - Jourdain (Jeda) Ellens-  Master Class 5/Skipper Grade 3 & MED Grade 2′

Fishing_Charters_Broome_12 “When he’s not fishing, he’s fishing!” – Veronica Parent

Growing up in Adelaide, SA, Jeda spent his early years fine tuning his cold-water fishing for SA’s renowned enormous Yellowtail Kingfish and Snapper.   However, moving to Broome in 2008 to pursue Game Fishing Jeda hasn’t looked back.  Since then he has spent his time working on Game Fishing Charter boats in Broome, with the exception of one season working heavy tackle out of Cairns and Cooktown.   He is an absolute fishing enthusiast and when he has a day off from the Bluewater,  there’s a good chance you’ll find him on the muddy waters of the Fitzroy River chasing the mighty Barramundi.

DECKHAND - Joe SutherlandFishing_Charters_Broome_11

Born in Broome, Joe is a true local.  Having spent most of his time fishing for the prized species in the Kimberley region, he has an excellent knowledge to guide you through your Billfish experience.  Having worked at Tackle World Broome for 6 years he is a master on all things tackle.  Joe has a friendly and engaging personality that will make your day both fun and enjoyable.


If you are looking for the Catch of Your LIFE!!!

Then Call Jeda TODAY on 0409 001 828 and organise an unforgettable experience...