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Cape York Fishing Charters (6)

Cape York is located on the most northern tip of the Queensland mainland. Cape York fishing charters offer a range of fishing expeditions to cater to your needs, whether it is an estuary or reef fishing charter. Cape York is known as a Barramundi paradise and the rivers and estuary systems that make up the unspoilt fishing grounds is what makes it a world class fishing destination. Archer fish, Saratoga and sooty grunter lurk the waters way upstream amongst the rainforest, while prime salt water barramundi, mangrove jacks salmon and big queenfish patrol  the shore gutters. The inner reefs have schools of longtail tuna, barracuda & Spanish mackerel and all sorts of trevally including GT’s. Covering an expansive area and with unpredictable tides Cape York is best to be explored by one of the many experienced and highly skilled Cape York Fishing Charter operators.