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Tonkin Street Wharf
Cronulla, NSW 

Contact Person: John Paton

Bravo Fishing Charters Sydney

Bravo Fishing Charters Sydney offers a range of specialty charter fishing including: Deep Sea Fishing, Reef Fishing, Blue Eye Cod Fishing, Game Fishing and Snapper Fishing in Sydney with one of Australia’s most experienced crews which is certainly an experience not to be missed. We offer a choice of two vessels licenced with the New South Wales Department of Industry and Investment (Fisheries) in the charter boat category to accommodate the size of your group.

All our crew members are experienced fishermen particularly with the deep sea fishing principles and are fully licensed with New South Wales Maritime Authority. Operating our Sydney Fishing Charters from Cronulla in Sydney’s Southern anchorage of Port Hacking provides very quick access to some of the most productive deep sea fishing grounds especially off the Royal National Park.

Different times of the year generate different species of fish. For example, big snapper come in to spawn on the shallow reefs in colder months, whilst warmer water give better catches of large flathead and trevally. 

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Other good table fish such as perch, morwong, cod and tuna are regular catches by our anglers. All deep sea fishing tackle including rods, reels, hooks, line, sinker as well as good quality bait is supplied. Rods and reels are provided for all those anglers wishing to use them otherwise deck winches are offered as an alternative.

We carry a deckhand on most deep sea fishing charter boat trips. His job is to rig all the tackle, cut the bait and organise individual bait buckets. Once fish are caught he will take them of the hook, gut, scale and clean them and immediately place them into icy sea water to keep your deep sea fishing catch fresh and perfect for the table. All licences required for deep sea fishing by New South Wales Fisheries are also provided.

You just bring your lunch and your beers; we provide the rest. We cater for all levels of experience in deep sea fishing, from those who bring their own rods, reels and tackle to the beginner who will receive individual tuition to ensure a catch on their first day out on our charter boat, deep sea fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters Sydney

We generally find the fish are on the reefs and sand all year round. Any time is a good time for this style of fishing. We fish the reefs, sand and gravel bottom off the Royal National Park south of Port Hacking. These are some of the best deep sea fishing grounds in the Sydney region as very few charter boats or recreational anglers fish this area. The species for capture varies with the different seasons however, Snapper, Morwong, Trevally, Perch, Wrasse and Flathead on a fishing trip with us are regular catches found in the fish box at the end of any day.

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Our Sydney Fishing Charters operate Group bookings only.

When you book the vessel the charter is yours. We do not mix groups nor add individuals to groups.

•             Groups, Social Clubs, Fishing Clubs, bucks parties or a bunch of mates from work.

•             Groups minimum 7 persons and maximum 31 persons.

•             Rods with Alvey Snapper reels provided for all anglers.

•             Alvey deck winches available if required.

•             Hooks, sinkers and other tackle all provided.

•             Quality bait provided (cut & prepared by deck hand).

•             Qualified deck hand.

•             Cold storage facilities for fish catch.

•             NSW Fishing Licence provided.

Depart Cronulla Public Wharf, Tonkin Street Cronulla (behind the railway station).

Departure:  0530hrs       Return: Approximately 1330hrs

Mid week discounts available.

Blue Eye Cod Fishing Charters SydneyFishing_Charters_Sydney_7

Bravo Fishing Charters Sydney embarks on Blue Eye Cod fishing trips which are only available in the Winter Months when these species come in
onto the deeper reefs to spawn.  These are deep water trips starting at about 450 meters. Blue Eye Cod, Bass Cod, Gemfish, Frost Fish Imperator, Deep Sea Perch and Giant Boar Fish are just a few of the possible catches. We use the gear and techniques to ensure your catch does not escape. We troll sport and game fishing gear on the way out and back with regular captures of Yellowfin Tuna and occasionally Marlin as a welcome surprise.

Strictly Group Booking Only

•             Groups minimum 14 anglers and maximum 16 anglers.

•             Winter months only.

•             Specialised Cod tackle supplied (Alvey Reef Queen reels with 200lb braid).

•             Lures run on the way out and back on game rods and reels.

•             Additional crew carried to assist with BIG FISH.

•             Tea & coffee provided before departure.

•             All required licences provided.

Depart Cronulla Public Wharf, Tonkin Street Cronulla (behind the railway station)

Departure: 0400hrs Return: Approximately 1530hrs

Sport Fishing Charters Sydney

If you’re looking for the thrill of sport fishing and capturing a fast moving Kingfish, Tuna or Dolphin fish then look no further, Bravo fishing Charters Sydney have been providing excitement and adventure to anglers for years! Bonito, Mackerel Tuna, Shark Mackerel, Striped Tuna, Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) and Kingfish are regular captures during the sport fishing season. We use our knowledge of currents temperature breaks current eddies and fish aggregation devices (FADs) to maximize our catches and add to the success of any day out sport fishing. Call us and discuss with one of our experienced crew what is being caught right now.


Group bookings only!

When you book the vessel for sport fishing the charter is yours. We do not mix groups nor take individuals.

•             Groups, Social Clubs, Fishing Clubs, bucks parties or a bunch of mates from work.

•             Groups minimum 7 persons.

•             Boat rods with overhead reels provided.

•             Lures and bait professionally rigged.

•             Baits and lures set by crew.

•             Qualified deck hand.

•             Cold storage facilities for fish catch.

•             NSW Fishing Licences provided.

Depart Cronulla Public Wharf, Tonkin Street Cronulla (behind the railway station)

Departure: 0530hrs         Return: Approximately 1330hrs

Fishing Trip OrganiserFishing_Charters_Sydney_2

Reef fishing like most fishing can be a lot of fun providing you are well prepared for the trip.

Here is a suggested check list of items to bring on your fishing trip:

•             Warm clothing – it can get cold at sea even though warm on land

•             Wet weather gear

•             Camera to record a happy snap of that big fish

•             Sunscreen

•             Hat

•             Sunglasses

•             Lunch and nibbles

•             Drinks –soft drink, bottled water and beer

•             Your favourite rod and reel if you wish (Note: Our price includes the provision of all tackle for the day)

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Boats: Both our deep sea fishing vessels were specifically built as charter fishing boats to fill the requirements of deep sea off-shore fishing anglers. The vessels are fitted with the latest electronic equipment including satellite GPS navigation plotters, sonar and radar. The vessels conform to USL (Universal Shipping Law) Code and carry all required safety equipment including life rafts and the latest satellite detectable emergency 406mhz locator beacons.

Skippers: Our skippers are Coxswains, Masters and Marine Engineers. All hold Marine Radio Operator Licences. They are recognised by the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) for their professional and ethical approach to fishing. Together they have have secured in excess of fifty  angling records including ten  IGFA world records.

Crew: On most fishing trips the vessel carries a deckhand. They are First-Aid qualified and are experienced fishermen in their own right. They will help with tackle, fish handling and will assist with cleaning your catch.

Depart: 5.30am from Tonkin Street Wharf, Cronulla. Return: Approx. 1.30pm at the Wharf.

Your Boat:  Zelda Faith II - Maximum 20 persons     Wollomai - Maximum 11 persons



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